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"1" is the beginning for everything.

Although  "1" may be only tiny on its own, being gathered they make up the great big power. This work was originally created as the art project shown at an exhibition in Naoshima, Kagawa prefecture in Japan,  October 2010, and its original concept was  "The Visualization of Collecting Singular 1s"

10,000 of ¥1 coins were used to present the strength of gathered "1"s as well as their transformation into the collective intelligence.

Regarding the East Japan Earthquake disaster, we have come to the realization that the support and kindness from each single person gather to make up the great power such as incredible amount of donations and volunteering work.

In the hope to return our most wholehearte gratitude to everyone as well as  wishing for the continuing support by us all gathering together, we would like to present this work here as specially re-arranged app/screensaver for you to download.

I, as one Japanese person, am deeply grateful for every support you have given to us from all over the world. We promise  the support and strongest belief for the reconstruction of the North Japan as mush as the whole Japan can. Also we wish to continue the wonderful relationship with you all into the future.

Arigatou gozaimasu.

「1」はすべてのはじまりです。 ちいさな「1」でも集まる事によって、とても大きな力になります。




Arigatou gozaimasu.